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What's In a Name?



TRIATHLON INDUSTRIES, INC. is, Doing-Business-As, Tridon Chemical.



Why "Do-Business-As" Tridon Chemical?

  • Tridon Chemical was sold to Triathlon Industries, Inc., in January, 1993.

  • Triathlon decided to use the name, Tridon Chemical, and the goodwill it had established since its' opening in 1982.


Why "TRIATHLON", you ask?


Because success depends on many factors.


Some are "triathlon basics"

  •     Swimming (as in a pool of suppliers) You need technique and efficiency

  •     Cycling (as opposed to spinning your wheels) You need fitness and position

  •     Running (as opposed to standing still) You need stamina to go the distance


Why "INDUSTRIES", you ask?


Some are "survival basics"

  •     To provide Industries (as in more than one) you need to offer the variety of items they need

        - without leaving your field of specialty

New York State Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise

LIDC PTAP Client of the Year

  God Bless America  

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